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Welcome to Summer 2-School is open for Key Worker/Vulnerable Children. We have also welcomed back Year 6 children and Year 5 children. Our Year 3 and Year 4 children are coming for some sports sessions starting next week. Stay Safe and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible x



Look at some of the work produced by our amazing artists. 

Sketchbook work

Sketchbook work 1
Sketchbook work 2
Sketchbook work 3
Sketchbook work 4
Sketchbook work 5
Sketchbook work 6
Sketchbook work 7
Sketchbook work 8
Sketchbook work 9
Sketchbook work 10
Sketchbook work 11
Sketchbook work 12
Sketchbook work 13
We are having a real focus on using sketchbooks as a place to be creative and explore our ideas. As well as researching different artists, we test out different styles, media and colour combinations. We evaluate our own work and add annotations and labels to show what we are proud of, what techniques we have used, what worked well and what didn't work so well. Everything we do is part of our creative journey so we don't rub anything out. 

Displays in school

Displays in school 1
Displays in school 2
Displays in school 3
Displays in school 4

Zentangle Worship Tree

Zentangle Worship Tree 1
Zentangle Worship Tree 2
Zentangle Worship Tree 3
Zentangle Worship Tree 4
4R created this worship tree using black paint outline and fine liners. They practised Zentangles in their sketchbooks before choosing the most effective designs for their leaves. On each leaf is their hopes and dreams for the future. 

Year 6 Titanic

Year 6 Titanic 1
Year 6 Titanic 2
Year 6 Titanic 3
Year 6 have used their creative design skills to produce informative double page spreads. Some children have also used their research to create amazing projects at home. 

Using art in other subjects

Using art in other subjects 1
Using art in other subjects 2
Using art in other subjects 3
Using art in other subjects 4
Using art in other subjects 5
Using art in other subjects 6
Using art in other subjects 7
Using art in other subjects 8
Using art in other subjects 9
Using art in other subjects 10
Using art in other subjects 11
Using art in other subjects 12

We use art to support our learning in many different subjects and often children create their own art projects as part of their homework. 

Year 5 and 6 have recently wowed the rest of the school with their double page spreads in Science and History.