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Welcome to Summer 2-School is open for Key Worker/Vulnerable Children. We have also welcomed back Year 6 children and Year 5 children. Our Year 3 and Year 4 children are coming for some sports sessions starting next week. Stay Safe and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible x

Curriculum Overview

We are currently redesigning our school curriculum. Our curriculum will be a 2 year program with Years 3/4 and Year 5/6 sharing the same topics to allow for shared learning opportunities.  

Learning progression has been carefully planned using the National Curriculum as our the key document from which to build our own unique and bespoke curriculum.


Below are the proposed topics to be covered by each year group and as you will see, where possible, similar topics focuses have been chosen to enable whole school shared learning opportunities.


Cycle A:

Cycle 1 2019-2020

Year 3/4

Year 5/6

Autumn 1



Around the World In 80 days

Ocean Exploration

Autumn 2



Brilliant Britain

Under Attack- World War 1

Spring 1



Healthy Humans

Heroes and Villains- Scientific and musical heroes

Spring 2



Deadly 60

Jurassic World

Summer 1




Ancient Civilisations

Summer 2



Road Trip

The Greatest Showman


The golden thread running through all these exciting topics will be the school's Christian values, British values and the life and works of John Wesley.  As a Methodist school, our founder, John Wesley, passionately believed in ever persons right to have a high quality education.  He believed that education was the key to life success and our school was built as a means of improving the world around us.  We believe that it is our privilege to continue his mission and are developing a rich curriculum that will help our future generations will celebrate and achieves their unique God given talent.