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Welcome to Summer 2-School is open for Key Worker/Vulnerable Children. We have also welcomed back Year 6 children and Year 5 children. Our Year 3 and Year 4 children are coming for some sports sessions starting next week. Stay Safe and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible x


Autumn 1


This term are topic is "Around the world" 

We are going to be studying maps to find out where we live, about the different continents, countries and oceans. We will be using Google Maps to look closer. 


In RE we will be discussing our understanding of leaders and what it means to be a leader. We will be making links with religious stories.


In Science we will be focusing on forces and magnets. We will investigate different forces around us and finding out which materials are magnetic through various investigations. 


In Art we will be building on a pencil work. We will be using a variety a sketching pencils to create tones, shades and texture to our drawings. 

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